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Introducing Nadra Smiley, the genius behind Evolving Textures Hair Products! Nadra Smiley is a trailblazer in the beauty industry, transforming how we care for our natural hair. With her expertise as a stylist and educator, she has devoted extensive time to researching and developing effective solutions for African American Hair.

Alli Styles Assistant Professional Hair Braiding Tool

Trying hacks after spending hours watching YouTube braiding tutorials but only to end up with a tangled mess and sore fingers? Well, we all have been there. Braiding beautiful hairstyles can be frustrating especially if you are new to the art. But what if there was a way to achieve salon worthy braids with less stress and more success?

Introducing the Alli Styles Assistant, your secret weapon for flawless braids since this innovative hair braiding tool is designed to simplify the entire process from prep work to perfect plaits subsequently it is like having a personal braiding assistant by your side guiding you toward stunning styles.

Alli Styles Assistant Professional Hair Braiding Tool - Evolving Textures

20 + years in the industry

Stylist. Owner. Educator


Natural Stylist & Hair Braider

As a Natural Stylist & Hair Braider, I was fortunate enough to consult with some of the biggest beauty brands in the industry. But during this time, I realized there was a lack of representation for the natural hair and braid community. The products available were all designed for chemically treated hair causing breakage and scalp damage for those with natural hair.

Aloe vera
Uses Aloe Vera biotin & vitamin E
Red Lips
Flewless & frizz-free finish
Aloe vera
Restores Moisture “the drip oil”
Aloe vera
Water soluble = no buildup “O Gel”

Natural hair care products built

Specifically for curly textured hair!

Our team spent over 20 years sourcing oils and botanicals, experimenting with ingredients in our salon break room and at home. It was a long and challenging journey, but we finally found the solution. Our products are now beloved by clients who rave about the benefits they have seen for their hair and scalp. I believe that it is my purpose to share my experiences, both positive and negative, in order to positively impact the lives of others.

Effortless Braiding And Flawless Results

The Alli Styles Assistant is a one time investment but offers you the services of more than just a hair braiding tool as it is your partner in creating stunning hairstyles so forget about complicated setups and frustrating tangles. The Alli Styles Assistant serves as a versatile hair plaiting instrument, enabling effortless styling for various braiding techniques and this user friendly gadget keeps your hair extensions organized and under control allowing you to braid with ease and precision.

Here is what makes the Alli Styles Assistant a must have braiding tool for hair for anyone who loves braids;

  • Versatile Braiding: This innovative tool is designed to work with a variety of braiding techniques including box braids, cornrows, twists, and even fusion styles.
  • Flawless Results: The user friendly design ensures you achieve professional looking braids with every use.
  • Effortless Braiding: The Alli Styles Assistant is a hair braider tool that simplifies the braiding process saving you time and frustration.
  • Ergonomic Design: You can experience a comfortable braiding session with the Alli Styles Assistant's ergonomic build.

Quality You Can Trust

At Evolving Textures, we are dedicated to providing reliable quality since our braiding hair tool is made of only high quality materials maintaining durability and reliability. Every element has been carefully considered to give you an excellent and comfortable braiding experience from ergonomic designs to strong build quality.

Our hair braiding tool is made to fit the needs of both professional stylists and ardent enthusiasts. You can rely on our tool to help you create perfect braids every time thanks to features like built in clips and combs for tangle free styling and a sleek compact design for easy handling.