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    Our blend of essential oils and organic ingredients have been formulated to meet the needs of curly textured hair in all its varied styles. So be bold. be curly. be straight with products that keep your hair's health at its best.

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    We want you to be completely happy with your shopping experience from order to delivery. If you have questions about our products, delivery, or shipping, get in touch! 

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    Evolving Textures delivers salon quality hair products to enhance the quality of natural hair care. Versatile styles and healthy hair are easily achieved during salon visits.

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    Evolving Textures, Alli "The Hair Assistant"

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      Nadra Smiley was born into the lineage of Natural Hair Care and has carved a name for herself as an award-winning entrepreneur, inventor, stylist, and educator, Nadra owns and operates Amazon Natural Look Academy and Amazon Natural Essentials Spa and Salon. Nadra also developed and manages the Evolving Textures line of hair care products  

      Amazon Smiley is a pioneering educator and trendsetter in the Natural Hair Care industry. For over 35 years, Amazon has worked as a natural hair stylist, consultant for various industries including television, consumer packaged good and film, product developer, been featured in numerous hair care and life style magazines and owns a premier natural hair salon in the Midwest. Amazon Smiley remains an influencer in Natural Hair Care.     

      Evolving Textures is the result of years of frustration with the hair care industry who for so long did not acknowledge the needs of the natural hair consumer in the African American community. Leveraging their expertise as salon professionals this mother daughter duo combined their hair expertise to develop a line specifically designed for naturally curly hair in its varied style formats. Since 2012 the brand has been meeting the needs of consumers nationwide. 

    Big news

    We are proud to announce our Hair Care Products can also be in Whole Foods Chicago, Englewood and Hyde Park locations. We also provide educational courses and workshops on Natural Styling Techniques. Feel free to contact us to sign up!


     Frequently Asked Questions             Alli Fact Sheet: Does Alli detangle the hair? Alli, the Hair Assistant has been tested and approved by the country’s top manufacturing companies. All’s teeth are made with the same plastic molding as the Ouidad & Diane Mebco Comb used to comb through natural hair. There is absolutely no damage to the hair extensions using Alli, the Hair Assistant. What if the hair keeps tangling and I can’t draw the hair out? IMPORTANT - Detangling the human hair or synthetic fibers before placing the hair on the bottom row of teeth can be very helpful, you can also use the bottom row of teeth to detangle hair fibers. You may be using too much hair in your Alli. Alli can hold up to 6 ounces of human hair or a half a pack of synthetic hair fibers. More hair can be used if spread out evenly.  Placing too much hair on the opposite end from where you are drawing the hair, may cause human hair or synthetic hair fibers to tangle as you pull. No more than one inch of human hair or synthetic hair fibers should be placed on the opposite end of your drawing area to avoid tangles. You can feather or taper the ends of your braid hair after you have already installed and secured your hair into the machine.

    Draw definition – to pull the hair

    • What is the "Big Chop?"

    It is cutting your processed or chemically manipulated hair off and starting over with your untreated or virgin hair. 

    •  Do you have to do the big chop to go natural?

    No, you do not. You can slowly transition with protective styles and when you are ready you can cut the remainder chemically processed ends off. 

    •  How can I style my transitioning hair?

    When your hair is in the transitioning phase, your ends will be straight, while the root of your hair will be curly.To give your hair a more consistent look rod sets, roller sets and pin curls will suffice. Low manipulation styles such as flat twists and bantu knot are also your best friends. Protective styles are when your ends are tucked away.

    • Is it safe to transition with extensions?

    Yes. However, maintain tension control so that the extensions are not too tight. Keep style moisturized with natural oils and after you take them out, let your hair rest for a month...or two.

    • How often should I trim my hair?

    Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks - especially if you have excessive breakage.

    • Breakage..

    Is actually naturally normal. Its impossible to avoid it. Potentially every twist and curve is a breaking point. To minimize breakage choose 1 to 3 moisturizers that your hair responds positively to, use them consistently and have patience with your hair.