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Introducing Nadra Smiley, the genius behind Evolving Textures Hair Products! Nadra Smiley is a trailblazer in the beauty industry, transforming how we care for our natural hair. With her expertise as a stylist and educator, she has devoted extensive time to researching and developing effective solutions for African American Hair.

20 + years in the industry

Stylist. Owner. Educator


Natural Hair Oil Spray

Our Natural Hair Oil Spray made with a luxurious blend of Avocado Oil, Rosemary and Vitamin E penetrates the hair shaft to deliver essential nutrients and hydration where it is most needed and the powerful formula helps to restore moisture balance leaving your hair feeling soft smooth and incredibly hydrated whether you are dealing with dry, frizzy curls or lacklustre straight strands.

Aloe vera
Uses Aloe Vera & vitamin E
Red Lips
Flawless & frizz-free finish
Aloe vera
Restores Moisture “drip oil spray”

A Story Of Dedication Of Natural Hair Care Products

Specially Formulated Natural Hair Oil for Curly Hair

For more than 20 years, our team has been working to develop the ideal natural hair oil for curly hair and we have spent countless hours experimenting with botanical ingredients and natural oils in our salon and at home determined to find a formula that worked. Though this dedication has resulted in products that our clients adore, with visible and tangible benefits for their hair and scalp, we believe in sharing our experiences to help others embark on their natural hair care journey.

Drip Oil Moisturizing Spray

Are you tired of having dry, brittle hair that lacks lustre and vitality? So do not worry because Evolving Textures Drip Oil Spray will help you to get rid of dry hair and escalate to deep hydration. Our hydrating hair oil serum is specifically formulated to reach every need of dry hair and scalp offering intense moisture and nourishment to locks in desperate need of rejuvenation.

Perfect for All Hair Types

Drip Oil Spray, a natural hair oil that serves as both a scalp oil treatment and a hair oil for dry scalp. This versatile formula works wonders for all hair textures, especially as a natural hair oil for curly hair. It provides deep hydration, resulting in defined, bouncy curls for curly hair, while oily strands become more manageable and shiny. Wavy hair benefits from enhanced natural waves without frizz. This plant-based formula contains nourishing and protective properties, making it perfect for protective styles such as locs, braids, and twists.

Stylist Approved Natural Hair Oil For Dry Scalp


Evolving Textures Drip Oil Spray is the top choice among stylists worldwide as multiple stylists have praised Evolving Textures Drip Oil Spray for its ability to deliver flawless styles while also promoting healthy hair. As one stylist stated;

"I love the flawless styles and healthy hair results I see on my clients with Evolving Textures products." 

This herbal and natural hair oil introduced by Nadra Smiley has been tried and tested and contains nourishing ingredients such as natural hair oil and plant based hair oils plus it is versatile and works well with a variety of textures and promotes growth and strength and believes in its effectiveness for beautiful and healthy hair.