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Nadra Smiley, the visionary behind Remember Me Styling Foam Curl Defining Mousse and Evolving Textures Hair Products, is a true industry trailblazer dedicated to transforming natural hair care. With a background as a stylist and educator, she passionately researches and develops effective solutions for African American hair. This natural hair styling mousse reflects her dedication to empowering people with curly and wavy hair to embrace their individual textures and create beautiful styles.

20 + years in the industry

Stylist. Owner. Educator


Best Hair Mousse for Curly Hair

Frizz and flatness can be a constant struggle for wavy and curly hair but what if there was a natural hair styling mousse that could become your all go partner? Remember Me Styling Foam Curl Defining Mousse is your stress reliever that is designed specifically to combat frizz and improve the definition of your unique hair texture. This plant based formula holds your curls without the dreaded crunch leaving them bouncy, voluminous, and perfectly defined.So add this natural styling mousse to your hair products without getting hesitant, and get all set you flick your bouncy healthy hair. 

Aloe vera
Uses Aloe Vera & Honey
Red Lips
Flawless & frizz-free finish
Aloe vera
Restores Moisture “Remember me foam”

The Secret Rich Moisture Formula

to Healthy Curls

Many hair styling mousses struggle to achieve a balance of hold and hydration. However, Remember Me Styling Plant based hair Foam breaks the code with its secret rich moisture formula. This potent blend includes natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil which is known for its deep conditioning properties, and Aloe Vera, a natural humectant that retains moisture. This results in healthy, defined curls free of dryness and static. So ditch the dry and crunchy texture of traditional mousses and makes the healthy voluminous curls you have always wanted with Remember Me natural styling mousse, the best hair mousse for curly hair and wavy hair.

Style with Remember Me Styling Foam Curl Defining Mousse


Do not let your hairstyle affect your mood as now Remember Me Styling Foam is a perfect match for curly and wavy hair which allows you to express yourself through a variety of styles. This natural hair styling mousse works well with curls, waves, and even a combination of the two. So do you want to rock voluminous and bouncy curls? Remember Me will improve your natural texture. Looking for something different? How about a sleek twist out or defined finger coils? This natural hair mousse for wavy hair provides the hold and definition required to achieve these looks with ease. So forget about styling limitations and hold the versatility of Remember