Natural hair products built

Specifically for curly textured hair!

Our team spent over 20 years sourcing oils and botanicals, experimenting with ingredients in our salon break room and at home. It was a long and challenging journey, but we finally found the solution. Our products are now beloved by clients who rave about the benefits they have seen for their hair and scalp. I believe that it is my purpose to share my experiences, both positive and negative, in order to positively impact the lives of others.

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Introducing Nadra Smiley, the genius behind Evolving Textures Hair Products! Nadra Smiley is a trailblazer in the beauty industry, transforming how we care for our natural hair. With her expertise as a hair stylist and educator, she has devoted extensive time to researching and developing effective solutions for Back Hair.

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Create styles that support healthy hair growth, shine & long-lasting hold

Hairstylist Approved

I love the flawless styles and healthy hair results I see on my clients with Evolving Textures products. As a natural hair stylist, I must ensure my clients' hair is beautiful and healthy too! Evolving Textures products are infused with natural ingredients that nourish and protect the hair from damage, promoting growth and strength. They're also versatile, suitable for a range of hair types and textures.

Whether you want to create smooth, sleek braid styles or maintain locs that shine with long-lasting hold. Natural styling solutions await you with Evolving Textures.

20 + years in beauty industry as a Hairstylist. Owner. Educator


Natural Hairstylist & Hair Braider

As a Natural Stylist & Hair Braider, I was fortunate enough to consult with some of the biggest beauty brands in the industry. But during this time, I realized there was a lack of representation for the natural hair and braid community. The products available were all designed for chemically treated hair causing breakage and scalp damage for those with natural hair.

Aloe vera
Enriched with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
Red Lips
Flawless & frizz-free finish
Aloe vera
Restores Moisture & Shine

TextureTalk™ With Us

Evolving Textures is more than a brand, we're a community. Join us as we share the journey of our brand and the inspiring stories of those who use our products.

Our Promise To You

At Evolving Textures, we recognize your desire for natural hair styling products that deliver extraordinary results. Our plant-based formula provides a gentle and eco-friendly approach to hair styling, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. Discover our main heroes, the powerful plant-based ingredients that nourish your hair while respecting the environment.

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No Harsh Ingredients

 No Mineral Oil | No Alcohol | No Parabens | No Sulfates | No Formaldehydes | No Flaking

O Gel Plant Based Natural Hair Styling Gel

Anyone who enjoys twists, braids or locs needs to own this all star gel that is made with natural ingredients, it provides maximum hold, shine and frizz control ensuring that your style remains flawless and defined all day long.

Alli Styles Assistant Professional Hair Braiding Tool Packaging

Alli Styles Assistant Professional Hair Braiding Tool

Braiding hair can be a creative process but it can also be time-consuming since this innovative tool is revolutionary for braiders of all skill levels plus it allows you to manage braid hair more quickly and efficiently, resulting in perfect styles.

Drip Oil Moisturizing Spray Treatment

Dry, brittle hair? We have got the solution and that is a lightweight spray treatment a hydrating hero packed with avocado oil, rosemary and Vitamin E. It deeply nourishes your hair and scalp leaving it feeling healthy and refreshed.

Remember Me Styling Foam Curl Defining Mousse 8 oz

Remember Me Styling Foam Curl Defining Mousse

Calling all curl queens as this lightweight and rich moisture mousse is your secret weapon for long lasting bouncy curls. It defines your curls beautifully without sacrificing softness and the hold helps your style stay put all day.