Understanding Your Hair Texture Beyond Curl Definition

Understanding Your Hair Texture Beyond Curl Definition

Let's Talk Texture!

Questions about moisture retention (aka porosity), a curl definition chart, and lots of conditioner seem to be the naturalista’s starter kit for embracing her unique hair texture. Still, there’s so much that can be lost in translation on the road to having healthy & thriving hair. 


Our kinks and curls are so much more diverse than the alphanumeric categories – like 4c or 3b – we put them into. Though useful in helping to find products or styles that might be flattering, your curl pattern is only one part of the equation. Understanding hair texture can help you be more educated about the best hair care routine for your needs, and which products work best (and why). 

Product Basics

Regardless of your specific texture, your home hair care routine should avoid heavy hair greases, pomades, beeswax, or anything with active ingredients such as Ethanol, Petroleum, Mineral Oil and Ceteareth-25. These ingredients cause build-up in textured hair that will not dissolve without using a solvent agent. These ingredients eventually extract moisture from the hair strands, creating a filmy residue that attracts dust, pollen, dirt and lint. 

The combination of this build up eventually starts to harden after 2 weeks and forms a whitish, fuzzy spots called sediment. Sediment is usually found in styles such as Braids, Molded Ponytails, Twists and Locs because of the long lasting wear and durability of these styles. 

Product over-use and build up are two of many root causes in textured hair breakage and protective hair styling.

Your Texture Blueprint ™

The Structure of Texture

Texture describes the thickness, or width, of a single strand of hair. However, there are four other variables that go into what we normally consider texture. 

My Texture ID ™ 

How to define texture using the Texture ID system (?)




There are ___ levels of density...

Someone with ___ density might do best with ____ product.

Ex: Remember Me Foam?

Curl Pattern 

Developing a Personal Hair Care Routine

  • How often to use certain products
  • How often 

Outro: Let us know your Texture ID here, and we’ll send you updates for our best products for you! 

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