Rocking the Natural Hair Scene

Celebrating 20+ Years of Rocking the Natural Hair Scene

Alright folks, buckle up because we're taking a trip down memory lane to celebrate over two decades of slaying in the natural hair community. Can I get a round of applause for all the amazing Natural Hair Technicians out there? Seriously, you all are wizards with those hairdos!

Now, let's get real for a sec. We've been breaking boundaries left and right, pushing the limits of what's possible, and yet... we're still not getting the recognition we deserve. It's like, hello? We're here, we're fabulous, and we're not going anywhere!

Our Mission:

Spread the Word: It's time to shout from the rooftops about our awesomeness and let the world know that we're the trendsetters in town.

Fight the Stigma: Say goodbye to the haters and naysayers who think natural hair stylists and braiders aren't legit. We're here to prove them wrong, one killer hairstyle at a time.

Unite and Conquer: Let's join forces and show the world what we're made of. Together, there's nothing we can't achieve!

The Birth of Evolving Textures

So picture this: I'm in my third year of building up Evolving Textures, hoping, wishing and ready to take things to the next level. I've saved up my hard-earned cash from slaying locs, braids, twists, you name it. Time to splash out on some professional marketing, right? Wrong.

I meet with this marketing crew, all hyped to share my vision, and what do they say? Apparently, targeting natural hair pros isn't a smart move. Um, excuse me? That's like saying hot sauce on fried catfish isn't a smart move – totally ridiculous!

What Can We Do?

Share the Journey: Let's dish out some real talk about the struggles and triumphs of being in the natural hair game. It's all about keeping it real, folks.

Stand Tall and Proud: We're not backing down from anyone who tries to dim our shine. It's time to take our rightful place in the spotlight.

Rally the Troops: Calling all fierce natural hair warriors! Let's band together and show the world what we're made of. Who's with me?

Together, We Rise

So here's the deal, fam. When someone tells you "you can't," you look them dead in the eye and say, "watch me." We're breaking down barriers, smashing stereotypes, and paving the way for a future where natural hair reigns supreme.

So grab your hair products, put on your fiercest look, and let's show the world what we're made of. Because when we stand together, there's nothing we can't do. Who's ready to join the revolution? Let's do this!


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