Let’s Show The Brothas Some Love This Father's Day

Let’s Show The Brothas Some Love This Father's Day

Let’s Show The Brothas Some Love

Father’s Day Style Guide: 3 Pro Tips for a Polished Dad

Father’s Day is around the corner, and it's time to help our dads look their best. Our top stylists are dropping their secrets to help dads with locs, braids, and twists achieve that perfect look. Here are three pro tips to make sure your dad looks fly with minimal effort. Check out Evolving Textures for all your hair care needs!

1. Keep It Fresh and Moisturized

Tip: Regular maintenance and proper moisture are the keys to healthy and sharp locs, braids, and twists.

  • Locs: Retwist every 4-6 weeks to keep them neat. Use a natural oil, like Evolving Textures Drip Oil Spray, to keep the scalp and locs hydrated and shiny. This lightweight oil spray is infused with essential oils that nourish the scalp and prevent dryness, keeping locs smooth and manageable.

  • Braids: Stick to a wash routine with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and deep conditioner. My personal favorite for adding great moisture and elasticity to curly or kinky textured hair is Biolage Ultra Hydra Source Shampoo and Conditioner. You can find this shampoo and conditioner set on amazon.com and get 10% off by using my link above. After shampooing, lightly apply Evolving Textures Remember Me Foam & Styling Mousse to keep the hair soft and manageable. Finish with a lightweight oil or serum for extra shine and frizz control. Gently spray, Drip Oil in between sections, directly on the scalp, using your fingers to direct and massage the running oil.

2. Accessorize Like a Pro

Tip: Accessories can take a simple hairstyle from zero to hero.

  • Locs: Add beads or cuffs to the ends for some flair. A leather headband or a patterned scarf can make a bold statement.
  • Braids: Decorative clips, metallic rings, and colorful bands can give braids a fresh, modern look. Mix it up and keep it exciting!
  • Twists: Headwraps and bandanas are versatile accessories that can enhance the look of twists. Go for bold patterns or vibrant colors that match your dad's vibe. My personal favorites are Locs Socs for their versatility and durability. 

3. Protect the Style

Tip: Protecting the hairstyle keeps it looking fresh and healthy longer.

  • Locs: A satin or silk scarf or a satin pillowcase at night can prevent frizz and breakage. For physical activities, a sweatband keeps locs in place and absorbs moisture.
  • Braids: Nighttime protection is crucial. Suggest a satin bonnet or scarf to keep the braids intact and reduce frizz. For swimming, a swim cap is a must to protect the braids from chlorine and saltwater. Try Soul Cap on amazon.com, use my link to get 10% off. These swimming caps are great for long braids and large locs.
  • Twists: A satin scarf or bonnet at night keeps twists looking fresh. For long days in the sun, a stylish hat protects from UV rays and prevents drying out.


These simple tips will help any dad look polished and stylish this Father’s Day. Whether he’s rocking locs, braids, or twists, maintenance, accessorizing, and protection are the keys to stunning results. Show your dad some love and help him step out with confidence and style! And don’t forget to check out Evolving Textures for all your hair care essentials.

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