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Alli "The Hair Assistant"
$89.95 $85.95
Minimize prep and speeds up installation process for braids, twists & hair extensions Holds hair extensions in place so you don't have to Prevents hair extensions from tangling  Assist blending hair extension color with The Original Hair Assistant Alli “The Hair Assistant” is a patented, bright revolutionary way to perform hair extension services. As a hair stylists ("Professional" or Not), you understand the struggle with where to put hair extensions and how to minimize loss of product while performing hair installation services. Even today stylists loop the hair behind their work stool in hopes of keeping it together, or hire an assistant to pass them each strand so the hair won’t tangle...  Alli “The Hair Assistant” is a necessary tool for hair braiding and weaving. It holds and can dispense up to 6 oz. of human or synthetic hair extensions all the while, you, the hairstylist  provide braiding, weaving, wig...
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