"O" Gel
Organic Styling Gel conditions, nourishes, helps smooth and holds hair gently in place. This hair gel conditions, thickens, & nourishes hair while it stimulates your scalp and hair follicles.Restores hair elasticity Adds silky softness and shine Holds curls, styles and waves firmly in place Replenishes moisture with no heavy build-up Nourishes while preventing frizz
Alli "The Hair Assistant"
$135.95 $85.95
Minimize prep and speed up installation for braids, twists & hair extensions with Alli "The Hair Assistant" Alli “The Hair Assistant” is a patented, revolutionary way to perform hair extension services. As a hair stylist ("Professional" or Not), it's easy to understand the struggle that comes with minimizing product loss (hair) while performing hair installation services. Even today stylists loop the hair behind their work stool in hopes of keeping it together, or hire an assistant to pass them each strand so the hair won’t tangle... Alli “The Hair Assistant” is a necessary tool for hair braiding and weaving. It holds and dispenses up to 6 oz. of human or synthetic hair extensions allowing you, the hairstylist, the freedom to focus on braiding, weaving, wig making and the other specializations of your craft! When Alli's teeth are locked together, they keep the hair from tangling by relaxing each strand as...
Cell Revive Oil
Evolving Textures Cell Revive Oil 4 oz is infused with Avocado, Aloe Vera, Rosemary & Hemp Seeds to stimulate cell growth, heal and moisturize the outer layer of the scalp. For best results this oil should applied and massaged into the scalp at least twice a week; it can also be used for hot oil treatments. Adds shine and moisture
Salon Go
$60.00 $50.00
Salon Go Bundle includes 2 16oz O Gel Designed for Stylists on the Go.
Flaxy Curl Leave-In Conditioner
Evolving Textures Flaxy Curl Leave-in Conditioner (8 OZ) strengthens and nourishes the hair shaft internally and externally. Also gives the hair sheen while promoting healthy hair growth from the inside out. Great for heat damaged and color processed hair. Directions: Shake well before each use and apply directly to the hair shaft. Best results when used after shampooing, leaves hair vibrant and enhances the natural curl. Great for setting curls and crinkles styles. Ingredients: Aqua, Aloe Vera and Marshmallow gel, Flax Seed oil, extracts of Nettle, Alpine Horsetail, Chamomile, Burdock root, Calendula flowers; Rosemary and Onion juice, oils of Olive, Jojoba, Safflower, vegetable glycerin, Sorbitol, Biotin, Allantoin, Lecithin, Inositol, natural preservatives and natural rose aroma.
Home Hair Care Package
$47.00 $39.00
Home Hair Care Bundle includes 1 8oz O Gel 1 Flax Curl Leave-in Conditioner 1 Revive Oil  Save on Home Care Product Packages
Salon Pro
$100.00 $80.00
Save on Professional Product Packages for busy Stylists. Salon Pro Bundle includes 2 8oz O Gel 2 16 O Gel
Afro Twist Wave Hair
Single bundle of Afro Twist Wave Hair perfect for Goddess Locs. This hair is pre-fluffed and does not require back combing or hand-fluffing. Premium Synthetic hair 42" stretched total length. For un-fluffed hair for spring twists see our Long Spring Twist Hair. 
Long Spring Twist Hair
Single bundle of Long Spring Twists Hair perfect for handmade or crochet spring twists, faux locs and more. Premium Synthetic Hair. Total length 42" Stretched. 3-4 bundles are needed for a full head. For pre-fluffed hair see our Afro Twist Wave Hair.
Retail Go
$192.00 $150.00
Salon Owners save and earn extra income on retailing products. Retail Go Bundle includes 4 8oz O Gel 4 Flax Curl Leave-in Conditioner 4 Revitalizing Oil Sheen
Retail Pro
$392.00 $298.00
Salon Owners save and earn extra income on retailing products. Retail Pro Bundle includes 8 8oz O Gel 4 16oz Gel 4 Flax Curl Leave-in Conditioner 4 Revitalizing Oil Sheen
100% Human Hair Afro Kinky Bulk 20.5"
Our 100% Human Hair Afro Kinky Bulk 20.5" stretched length comes with 2 bundles per pack. This hair is perfect for achieving your favorite Loc or Twist styles. It is the same hair included in our Diamond Goddess Locs style package. We have now added Natural Brown (Virgin) for those who would like to bleach and dye the hair. Hair is held together by thread for packaging. Hair can be slid out from thread or cut. Removal instructions on back of product hang tag.  
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