Our Why

Our Why

Have I ever told you the story of how I started Evolving Textures?....

My thirst for wanting natural products for natural hair turned into a journey to find ingredients that are safe—ingredients that don’t strip the hair of oil, causing friction and hair damage—ingredients that would provide moisture and protect our scalp and our various hair types and styles. My pursuit to find the source of organic and naturally derived ingredients inspired me to design Evolving Textures in celebration of the most evolved Curly, Coily, Kinky Hair Textures & Types.

Starting out as a Natural Stylist & Hair Braider I was blessed with the unique opportunity to use my knowledge of textured hair to consult with some of the largest Black Beauty brands in the industry. Although this was a truly exciting time (1998-2004) for me, it was also at this time that I learned of the lack of representation for the natural hair and braid community in the beauty industry.

Every product on the market for black hair types was designed for chemically treated hair, and yet they were speaking to our natural hair market. Many of the products available cause breakage and irreparable scalp damage. Being on the inside of product development, I decided to do my own research. It became apparent to me most of the harsh ingredients, parabens and sulfates used in our beauty products were dangerous and only used as an avenue for big-box brands to cut costs and increase profit margins… I often questioned, “What if curly and tightly coiled hair needed different ingredients?" Just that simple thought sent me on a mission to serve my clients better. That journey would soon become my passion.

I knew it was time to fully pursue my passion. So, I set out on a quest to find the right oils, botanicals, vitamins, and nutrients that prevent damage, help heal, and have high-style performance. It became exhausting but gratifying and a learning experience.

Our team spent over two decades sourcing oils and botanicals, whipping up ingredients ourselves in the salon break room and at home. We finally came up with a solution. Since then, clients have always said how beneficial our products have been for their hair and scalp.

I believe it is my purpose to share my experiences, good or bad, that I’ve used to positively affect my own life. I want you to always remember to shine.

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